Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

What is a pre-order? 

A pre-order is when we order plants from an overseas supplier, such as Borneo Exotics, and immediately send the plants off to customers as soon as the plant shipment arrives from overseas. Because of their long transit time, most plants will need to be acclimatized to your conditions. Thus, we only recommended experienced growers pre-order plants. 

Shipping Time

Due to the complexity of international shipping, we will give our best estimate of a tentative shipping date for pre-orders on the product page. This is not a guarantee that the product will be shipped on this day. If there are any substantial delays of more than a few days, we will contact all pre-order customers so you know when to expect your preorder plants. 

Live Arrival Guarantee

Every plant that is pre-ordered will be shipped USPS Priority shipping. We offer live arrival guarantee of any pre-order plants. In our experience this shipping method has worked well for pre-orders in the past, but if you want to pay for a faster shipping method such as priority express, please contact us after ordering. If a plant arrives DOA, please contact us with photos of the plant for a refund or replacement. We offer no other guarantees other than live arrival for these plants.